Troy has graced the silver screens in some of New Zealands most Iconic films. Becoming some what of the go to cliche Hori Cameo Specialist, he's fine with that.

The Hunt for the Wilderpeople - T.K

" I actually got this role through Taika directly. He was at one of my gigs in Kingsland, the Portland House - and he asked me and my mates to come back to his office for a wee night cap. I've been a Taika fan since way back, and  'What we do in the Shadows' is actually one of my all time favourite movies - so I was buzzing. We went back, he told me he loved my music and that he was keen to do one of my music videos for me (still holding you to that Mr Marvel) He said there was a small role in his new movie that he was keen for me to play. Fast forward a year and there I am, selfie dad in all his glory as part of the most highest grossing NZ film ever. MEANEST " - Troy

Songs from the Inside - Series 3

"I had the awesome privilege of being part of Songs From The Inside Season 3( sadly the last season) alongside three people I've looked up to for many years, Scribe, Ladi 6 and Anika Moa. It was a journey of self discovery - not only for the inmates but for us as the artists as well. Since leaving I've said many times that I'd happily go back to the prisons and do that type of mahi (without the cameras) rehabilitation programs using music as the vehicle cos I tell you now, theres some seriously talented people on the inside, they are good people that may have had a moment of weakness along the way but, they surely deserve a second chance. We can't just keep on throwing away the baddies and hope somethings gonna change" - Troy

Mt Zion

Well what can I say, this is pretty much where it all began for me. I had been trudging along for a while by now through various bands and guises, worked a few jobs, been a scuba dive instructor, but this film is the 1st thing that threw a little shine my way. Up until Mt Zion my only other previous acting experience was a school play 'Dracula Spectacular' that a performed well I was still at Kerikeri Highschool, this was definitely a step up. My Audition wasn't the greatest but I think TeArepa saw enough in me during the down moments between reading the script to throw caution to the wind and give me a shot as one of the major characters in his film, Papa Hone. I new next to nothing about acting but I still hold strong to the advice that Temuera Morrison gave me on set - " Learn your lines but when it comes to lights camera action, be in the moment, forget the cameras, don't wait for cues, just be there in the moment with the other people in your scene and react".

I made life long friends on that movie, I've toured NZ twice with Stan Walker, I even performed with him when he opened for Beyonce - I Skype David Wikaira Paul once a week in Sydney to talk crap about nothing - Darcey, Tem, the whole crew we still keep in touch. I cherish those 3 months we spent there at 4 windmill place aka darkside aka "Puky"

The Pa Boys


Only got two words for this epic little film - "City Kients"

"A Jejejejejejeje"