Troy Kingi



Troy Kingi releases his debut solo album “Guitar Party At Uncles Bach” on Lyttelton Records, November 11th.

The Far North musician and actor has had an eventful few years with major roles in Hunt For The Wilderpeople, Mt Zion, Pa Boys, Songs from the Inside season 3 and The Kick. 

At the same time his musical projects have also had success - working with Maori artists Stan Walker (who he co-wrote the Silver Scroll winning song Aotearoa with), Rob Ruha, Maisey Rika, Ria Hall and now more recently in a collaborative soul band with Mara TK(Electric Wire Hustle) and Mark Vanilau (Dave Dobbyn).

Now follows his concept album 'Guitar Party at Uncles Bach’. 

Recorded in Lyttleton by engineer Ben Edwards, the whole vibe was to record the album live circa Motown/Beatles .


"Sequencing tracks, cutting and pasting these perfect drum loops, cleaning up our recorded imperfections, I feel you lose the human element of the song, you lose the vibe and feel that used to be so strong in 70s soul music" Troy Kingi